MIL3000 - 新型 MIL-STD-461 发电机

MIL3000 - The New Generation of MIL-STD-461 Tester

MIL3000 是一款新一代测试设备,配备彩色触摸屏用户界面,专为MIL-STD-461 CS106、CS115 和 CS116 测试要求而设计。插件模块允许用户灵活地单独或同时执行 CS115 和 CS116 测试,而不会干扰使用单个通用耦合器 CN-BT6 的测试设置。此外,DO-160第 17 和 19 节的脉冲测试可作为此系统的插件提供,从而扩展了应用范围。

易用性、预定义的测试例程和单一通用耦合器使 MIL3000 成为最高效、技术最先进的仪器。MIL3000 软件是 TEMA3000 软件的赞许,是工程师最快速的全方位测试系统。

Single Port for CS115 & CS116 Tests

MIL-STD-461 CS115 和 CS116 测试均在电缆捆绑上执行。这意味着测试电缆必须通过由 MIL3000 测试发生器驱动的耦合器馈送。一个耦合器可以针对所有波形进行校准,然后留在 EUT 测试电缆上,大大减少了测试时间和操作员出错的可能性。CN-BT6 为用户提供了更高的安全性,以及直径为 6 厘米的更大的电缆孔径。系统可针对所有波形进行校准,设置数据存储在 MIL3000 内存中,便于调用。校准系统后,耦合器 CN-BT6 可以留在测试台上,并进行测试,而无需对被测设备进行故障和重置。这非常节省了时间,减少了出现操作员错误的可能性。

MIL-STD-461 and DO-160

The flexibility of a modular system enables the basic MIL-STD-461 system to be extended to include also voltage spike test CS106 and tests from DO-160 sections 17 and 19. A separate coupler with 6cm x 6cm aperture enables voltage spike testing of large diameter cables. Simply insert a new application module and it is automatically recognised by the MIL3000 mainframe. All user programmable parametes are made available through the colour touch panel. The system flexibility protects your investment, providing test capability for an ever increasing range of applications.

Automated Testing

Complete test routines including CS115 and all CS116 frequencies can be programmed in the MIL3000 generator, then linked together to form a continuous test process. MIL3000 includes a „Linker“ function to enable multiple tests to be linked together and run sequentially. A basic test report is saved in the MIL3000 and can be extracted either using the web server (connect to a PC through the Ethernet port) or from the USB port on the front panel. TEMA3000 is a powerful software suite to control MIL3000 generator. The software can also control an oscilloscope to capture waveforms during the calibration or test process. This information can be included automatically into the test report. Operator instructions and test setup pictures can be included in the TEMA3000 routines. This eliminates the need for separate written procedures and reduces the possibility of operator error.

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